5 Things You Need to Know about Modern Rustic Design

Emma Legere 2 Comments

Rustic furniture is perfect for you cottage, camp, chalet or country home. Mixing modern and rustic home design isn't difficult, but it takes a bit of careful planning. Here's everything you need to know about Modern Rustic Design.

Everything You Need to Know about Wood Burning Cedar Hot Tubs

Eduan Pretorius 2 Comments

Keeping up with a wood fired hot tub in Canada isn't difficult, but you need to make sure you have the resources available and a little bit of time to make sure that you are benefiting from this wonderful luxury amenity. Go to the spa, at your home or cottage, with a wood burning...

How to Clean Your Sauna Rocks

Mark Boulding 0 Comments

Cleaning your sauna and your sauna heater is important to cost you less money over time, and increase air flow for an ideal sauna experience. Check out these easy tips to make sure your sauna heater is clean!

Best Wooden Playsets in Canada - Your Kids will Love it!

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Get your kids active and playing outside with these beautifully crafted outdoor playsets! Your children or grandchildren will love you for giving them the gift of limitless fun with these backyard playgrounds!

Five Sauna Benefits for Your Health and Mood

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Saunas have so many benefits, both for your day-to-day mood and your long term longevity and health. Look at the first of five blogs in this content series of Sauna Benefits!

Best Dining Tables in Canada

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We are so excited to share our dining room tables with you. We've served thousands of happy Canadians with our great products, and we hope that you can share memories with your family and friends around your dining table for a lifetime.

Canada's Favourite Indoor Canoes

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Canada has the most Lakes in the World, accounting for over 62% of all lakes over 0.1 square km. We have the perfect furniture to honour this beautiful natural resource! Canoeing is one of the most Canadian things you can do.