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Bunk Beds for your Home or Cottage

by Eduan Pretorius 18 Jun 2021 2 Comments


Bunk beds are perfect to easily save on space and have more of a family feel! We have more kids than bedrooms at the cottage, so we stuff them all in the same room to sleep. With many different size options, and three different styles of bunk beds, you’ve come to the right place to find your ideal bunk bed for your family.


We make our bunk beds in Canada with no machines, only raw materials and a group of experienced handypersons. We source our wood locally with conscious efforts to be environmentally friendly.

straight bunk bed twin over twin


Can your bunk beds support adults? What’s the maximum weight?

Our bunk beds are made for adults AND for kids. We often have guests at our cottage, and we have them sleep in a Queen over Queen bunk bed so that couples can sleep together. Sure, it gets crowded, but our guests are usually pretty understanding about sleeping in bunk beds for one weekend.

Our bunk beds are certainly made to last, unlike Ikea bunk beds that will lose their value entirely over a few years and need to be replaced. With a heavy structure, our bunk beds are extremely durable and sturdy enough to last you many years, even with a lot of use! The heavy material from high quality wood makes it safe to use for up to 500lbs on the top bunk with extra strength slats.

What kind of bunk beds do you offer?

To give you a description of the different options, we have one rustic look, one modern look, and one futon bunk bed. The rustic Log Bunk Bed has thick cedar logs that are perfect for your cottage or country home. The modern bunk beds are perfect for your at-home lifestyle, with a solid frame that you know will last while your kids are growing up! The bunk bed with futon is best for those who are living in a small space, and want to have maximum bed capacity to sleep the most people but also want to use it as living room furniture. This futon bunk bed goes perfect with our bunkies.

bunk bed with futon in living room


What’s the difference between the two modern bunk beds?

Here are the differences between the Heritage River Lumberjack Bunk Bed and the Heritage River Premium Bunk Bed :

The Premium bunk bed, being $300 more as a base price, has thicker posts, a guard rail that goes all the way across the width of the top bunk, and is easier to climb up the side to the top bunk because of the prevalent ladder. 

thick pine bunk bed canada


We recommend the Lumberjack if you are looking for a modern bunk bed for your children, as this is not really for adult use (a night here and there would be okay, just not every night). The guard rail on the top bunk does not go all the way across.

pine bunk bed made in canada

Is a ladder necessary?

I personally do not think a ladder is necessary. This is an optional addition if you want it, but the truth is your kids will want to climb up the side of the bunk bed anyway!! Kids like to jump around on the bunk beds, and they can safely do so with our bunk beds, so you can choose a ladder only if that is your preference. If you get a bunk bed made for adults, we would recommend a ladder, especially for older guests.

Are the extra strength slats necessary?

In simple terms: YES. 

You cannot put a box spring on a bunk bed. We give this to you as an option, but really this is necessary. If it’s only really small children sleeping on the bunk beds, then you probably don’t need the extra strength slats, but we still recommend it for when they grow up.

What about the storage? 

I personally love the under bed storage. We’re never really at the cottage for more than a week, so having a bunk bed with storage for the cottage is a perfect alternative to having a dresser. It’s space saving, much cheaper than a dresser, and works enough to put the kids’ clothes away.

bunk bed with storage


What’s the advantage of the different bunk bed sizes?

Aesthetic, space, and practicality. Get the one that works for your space (make sure you have enough room), serves the best purpose (how many people are going to sleep here), and works for your designer’s eye.

Like I said, we have a Queen over Queen bunk bed with underbed storage so that we can sleep four people in one room comfortably. This is also the best possible use for bunk beds for AirBnB, bunk beds for summer camp, or bunk beds for a resort. We’ve had people put two Queen over Queen bunk beds in the same room to be able to sleep 8 in one room, which is a great use of space!


bedframe and bunk bed at summer camp


The Twin over Queen bunk bed is also very popular and practical. This queen bottom bunk bed option allows for a bigger “feel” in the room, with more space at head level, still sleeping three. As a note, the top of the Twin over Queen bunk bud is actually a TWIN XL size, so make sure your mattress matches the Twin XL frame.

Of course there’s the classic Twin over Twin bunk bed, Double over double bunk bed, and most other combinations of these three sizes. We do not make double over queen bunk beds because it simply does not look good with the small indent. Unfortunately it has not worked for us in the past, and we strongly discourage this size.

I want my bunk bed custom made

You can browse our collection of bunk beds for sale at this link, and click around to view different options and pricing! 

Do you want something you don’t see on our website? We can make you a custom bunk bed! These customizations include a bunk bed with trundle, L shaped bunk beds, or just about anything you can imagine! CONTACT US with your customization ideas, and we can send you a quote for what you’re looking for.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Piper From Gravenhurst - Lumberjack Bunk Bed

I just wanted to drop you a note that we love the bunk bed. We took some time to decide and love how sturdy and great this bunk it. Glad it is made in Ontario as well. Thank you


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Louise From Huntsville - Premium Bunk Bed

We have now received our second set of these bunks and they are awesome. We did check a few places and no-one had this quality at this price. We have a cottage but did not want the log look and these are great. The Swiss Chocolate stain is perfect for our kids room. The mattresses you provided were perfect.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Phillip From Port Carling - Log Bunk Bed

After our cottage was finally built, we ordered the new bunk bed for my boys. You guys came to deliver and install it and I have to say it is fantastic. I knew my boys would love and they were completely blown away when they saw it. It looks incredible in their room with the Tobacco stain and love how big and strong the cedar posts are. I just wanted to let you know how happy we are and will be buying more in the summer.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Paul Cerelli - Log Bunk Bed

The bunk is beyond what I could have expected, it's absolutely stunning! Very sturdy, beautifully stained (clear coat), and the kids love it. They can climb up the side no problem, they use it as a jungle gym more than they should!! But it has held up. Very happy!!

Have any questions? Contact us for more information

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11 Feb 2023 Jacqueline Bretzler


I am looking for a sturdy bunkbed that will work for adults. I would like queen over queen with under storage. Do you deliver to Halifax Nova Scotia? Thank you

27 Sep 2022 Donna

Is their monthly payments i could do?

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