Made in Canada

Log Furniture and More is proud to be a Canadian Company and a leader in the Rustic Log Cottage Furniture and Decor industry.  The vast majority of the furniture and décor is made in Ontario, Canada. Starting out as a small family business, we now employ more than just our family. Although we do employ our whole family! The wood is also ethically sourced from responsible lumber yards, as everything we source is Rainforest Alliance compliant, and FSC certified. You can be sure the product you're looking at is from Canada by the red marked "Made in Canada" sticker on the product page ⮕

If you do not see the "Made in Canada" sticker, it means the product and its materials are sourced elsewhere. We try to limit our products to only be local, but to offer more variety we need to offer global products. We are proud of our quality and service across Canada.  Being Canadian means more than versatile design, manufacturing quality and renowned durability - it is also the ethical choice. Shipping from Canada, to your door with FREE shipping over $500, we cover almost all of Canada's near 10 million square km! Working conditions are fair for our woodworkers and administrative staff. We provide income for Canadians, and try to keep as much of our expenditure to ACTUAL CANADIAN PEOPLE as we possibly can. We use renewable resources for our production, and recycled materials as often as possible, including for our packaging.


Thank you for buying Canadian!

cutting wood in our factory