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5 Things You Need to Know about Modern Rustic Design

by Emma Legere 21 Jan 2021 2 Comments

What is modern rustic design? It’s the best of both worlds. You get the charming character of natural, rustic furniture mixed with a beautiful modern design and the outcome is the most elegant and cozy living space you can imagine.  Not to mention, it is the perfect design compromise for couples who can’t decide between a warm and lived-in look or a sleek new space.

rustic furniture rustic home decor

When you think of rustic design you probably find yourself imagining a log cabin in the woods, a sunny farmhouse style kitchen or a couple Muskoka chairs at the cottage.  The materials used in these spaces are usually natural and organic, with varying types of wood, leather and stone.  By preserving these natural elements in your home and incorporating sleek, modern pieces you create the perfect duo; modern and rustic. 

1. Modern rustic design brings the outdoors inside. 

Natural wood grains and vibrant leafy house plants can make you feel like you’re sitting in an outdoor oasis, all from the comfort of your own home (even in the dead of winter).  Rustic is usually thought of as dark and sturdy but modern rustic combines natural and earthy pieces of furniture with bright and fresh décor.

Canadian Rustic Furniture.  rustic plant hanger canada.


Rustic furniture creates life within a room, especially when paired with natural earth-tones in your décor. You can bring in pops of colour through accessories like cushions, rugs, and throw blankets. Think Fall colours, like burnt oranges, forest greens, and sunny yellows, as these all pair wonderfully with natural wood stains.  

 modern rustic furniture made in canada.

If you’re not a fan of colour and prefer clean lines, you can try pairing wood furniture with white walls, black finishes, and camel coloured leather for a refined, high-end look. 

 rustic home decor canada.

No matter your design preference, rustic wood furniture is timeless and will withstand any new trend your favourite blogger throws at it.  It is versatile through all seasons and colour schemes. If you fall out of love with your space, you can make simple changes to the décor around your furniture and you’ll be walking into a brand new room.  

Design Tip: incorporate oversized plants like fig trees and leafy palms to match your oversized wood furniture in order to create balance throughout the room. Introducing natural elements to your favourite space will bring a breath of fresh air indoors, literally.

2. Rustic furniture is the perfect base for a sleek industrial design. 

One of the greatest trends right now is mixing wood tones, which may sound intimidating, but when done right the result is stunning. Keeping the rest of your design simple with white walls and muted décor can give your space a very industrial vibe.  Think of a sturdy wood dining table with black hardware and table legs on top of some stunning wide plank hardwood floors, or better yet, just take a look at the image below for your industrial inspiration.

Design Tip: use neutral colours on the wall to make your space feel bright and airy, all while drawing attention to the beautiful piece of furniture that becomes the centrepiece.

Rustic Living room furniture canada.

3. Modern rustic design is warm and welcoming.

Rustic furniture is often oversized, and therefore, very cozy.  The feeling of curling up by a crackling fire on your warm wooden furniture draped with fluffy blankets and pillows is pure bliss. 

 rustic canadian made furniture canada home decor.

Combining natural textures, like stone and woven fabrics, with elegant decorative pieces can make your house feel like a home while still maintaining a polished look. If you haven’t already heard, live edge tables are taking over the wood trends this year. The reason they are so popular is because they maintain the natural beauty of the wood while repurposing it into a functional piece. In our opinion, there is nothing more welcoming than a long dining room table for your loved ones to gather around. And as you can see, these pieces speak for themselves. We offer a live edge option for all our dining tables and furniture. Check out our Tacoma Live Edge Table here.

rustic dining room furniture canada.

4. Each piece of rustic furniture is unique. 

With differing grains and knots in the wood, each piece of furniture is filled with its own unique character.  Your furniture becomes the centre of the room, a place for everyone to gather and take in its one of a kind beauty.  


rustic dining room decor with chandelier and plant.

Even your bed frame becomes a work of art as no two frames are exactly the same. Design Tip: bring out the unique characteristics of your piece by enhancing the knots and grains with a beautiful stain of your choosing, available on Log Furniture and More


modern rustic home decor and bedroom furniture.

5. Rustic furniture is durable and heavy.

Juxtaposing it with delicate and modern pieces creates balance.  Layering book stacks on tables and shelves, along with candles, marble trays, wicker baskets and shiny metal finishes are the final details that pull a space together, but it all starts with that beautiful piece of wood furniture. 

 modern rustic living room furniture and decor for cottage.

It is difficult to find good quality, long-lasting furniture these days, but rustic wood furniture does not disappoint.  It is the one constant that will withstand wear and tear and will only evolve with your family over the years.  With some love and elegant styling, these pieces will maintain their beauty while securing their place as a family heirloom.

Design Tip: investing in high quality furniture will save you money in the long run because you won’t have to constantly replace it.  Instead, focus on saving on your décor, as these items are constantly replaced with changing trends. 

 front hallway rustic furniture canada.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at info@logfurnitureandmore.ca or message us on Facebook! 


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Justin from Ottawa

We received our table about 3 weeks ago and just wanted to tell you how impressed we are with it. We got the live edge and we get compliments about this table from everyone. It is really wonderful. You do a great job. We will be back to order more in the summer.



Kelly from Muskoka

I recently ordered the Traditional Log Bed (Butternut finish) for myself and the Expressions Log Bed (Early American finish) for my son. Very sturdy beds that were easy to put together. They are both beautiful beds that will last a lifetime. Extremely happy with these purchases and with this company! Thank you Log Furniture and More :)



Richard from Mississauga

We received our canoe bookshelf today and I want to thank you for both the quality workmanship AND your outstanding service. Without hesitation, you quickly resolved the delivery issue and my wife and I are 110% satisfied! The bookshelf is a great addition to our previous order of the log bed and our son loves it! We will most definitely order more furniture and I will highly recommend Log Furniture and More to family and friends!

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21 Mar 2023 loghomeshoppe

One of the greatest trends right now is mixing wood tones, which may sound intimidating, but when done right the result is stunning.

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