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Log Bunk Bed twin over doubleLog Bunk Bed for Cottage and Cabin

Log Bunk Bed

Experience the rustic charm and robust durability of our Cedar Log Bunk Bed.  Handcrafted from sturdy cedar logs, this bunk bed exudes natural beauty and strength.  Perfect for cottages, cabins and rustic home, it brings a touch of the outdoors inside while providing reliable...
Heritage River Premium Bunk BedHeritage River Lumberjack Bunk Bed Dimensions

Heritage River Premium Bunk Bed

Transform your bedroom with the Heritage River Premium Bunk Bed, a masterfully handcrafted piece made from solid pine that's a perfect addition to any cottage. Adored by both kids and families, this bunk bed combines comfort with durability, featuring substantial 5" square posts ensuring...
traditional log bedTraditional Log Bed

Traditional Log Bed

Introducing our impeccably crafted Traditional Log Bed, a sturdy and charming addition to any cottage, chalet, or home. This bed, available in various fantastic finishes, boasts a timeless rustic look and a feel that is both solid and comfortable. Handcrafted with durability in mind,...
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Preparing for Your Sauna's Arrival

by Mark Boulding 24 Feb 2021 0 Comments

Soon you’ll be sitting in your sauna, fully relaxed and experiencing all of the sauna benefits in the matter of days after it’s installed. We’re almost ready!

Here is what we need from you before the sauna kit arrives to make it as easy for you as possible, whether you’re building a sauna yourself or having us build your sauna for you. This should be a NO STRESS process! Here are some common questions and good things to know.

How do I need to prepare for the delivery and installation of my sauna?

You will contact you a few days or weeks before your sauna is expected to be delivered and/or installed. Our shippers will make sure that you are home at the time of delivery to safely receive your sauna and ensure that the sauna kit will be brought to where you want it. We need you to have a platform with a flat ground. Grass will not work as a flat ground, as the sauna weighs over 1000lbs and will eventually sink into the ground. The heaviest part of the sauna is the heater but can easily be moved with two people or a wheelbarrow.


Please have a flat platform ready for installation. The easiest and most common way to make a flat platform for your sauna is crushed gravel that is packed (a shovel will work to pack it, no need for heavy machinery). A flat platform for your sauna could also be a deck or a dock, tiles, or stone. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but please make sure that it is relatively even so that your sauna can be stable.


sauna base preparation.

How do I prepare for my electric sauna?

Before your sauna arrives, make sure you have enough power in your circuit to operate your sauna. If you don’t, you may have to upgrade your circuit. You need a 240V / 40AMP circuit breaker for your electric sauna - which is the same as an electric hot tub. 

Also, make sure that you arrange for an electrician to hook up your electric sauna.

When should the electrician come? Will they have to unbuild certain parts of the sauna if they come after it is built?

This only applies to you if you ordered an electrical sauna or have electric lighting in your wood burning sauna.

The electrician can come after the sauna is constructed.  He/she will have to make small holes for the wiring.  The only time an electrician may need to come before the sauna is installed if you are putting the wiring in the ground and need it to come up from the ground under the sauna.

My electrician needs the sauna electric heater specs for a quote or to prepare.

Here is a link for you to send to your electrician. Please specify to the electrician how many kW you selected in your order.


I don’t know any electricians, what do I do?!

If you do not know an electrician, we can help you out with our trusted electricians. They installed our sauna's electricals and many other customers’ saunas as well! We don’t make any referrals or commission from these contacts, so there is absolutely no pressure and we can assure you it will be a fair quote. Please contact us for more information about our electricians.


I’m planning on building my sauna. How do I build it and how long does it take?

We’ve carefully designed our sauna kits so that it’s not majorly difficult to build your sauna. If you (or a contractor) can build a deck, then you can surely build this sauna! The sauna kit comes with written instructions as well as links for resources for video instructions. Check out our YouTube page to see videos on how to install your sauna if you want to prepare for your sauna kit before it arrives. If at any time you need assistance, please contact us or call the numbers on the installation manual. We are here to help!!

The timing really varies for how long it takes you to build your sauna. Our installers typically get it done in about four hours, so it might take you about double that time for two people (8 hours, maybe over the course of a few days). We’ve had many customers tell us that it was so fun and rewarding to build their sauna!

Check out these photos of our customers building their sauna themselves. It’s not a job that a few refreshing beverages won’t help to handle!

Adam from Nova Scotia

 sauna kit canada. half built sauna canada. building a sauna in Canada.
fully built cedar barrel sauna canada 


Kim from Port Stanley Ontario

panoramic bubble sauna canada. 
interior view of barrel sauna overlooking river canada.


Need some sauna accessories? We have all the sauna supplies to make your Sauna an absolute DREAM!

We also have HANDMADE Signs for a great addition to your Sauna's exterior. Get your family's name or any customized phrase, or go with the classic "Sauna Time".

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