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Cottage Bedding - Quilts and throws

by Eduan Pretorius 12 Aug 2021 0 Comments

It’s often difficult to decide exactly what kind of bedding you need for your cottage. You’re there most often in the summer when it’s hot, but the nights could also be cooler. You want to match your bedding with the theme of the cottage without going too overboard on the rustico. We have several solutions for this, for the absolute best price (remember, we price match!). Make yourself at home with our cottage themed quilts!

Do you need a quilt, a duvet, or a throw? 

How hot does it get in your cottage? It might be best to have several bedding options! At our cottage we have sherpas for the couches, quilts for the hot nights, and duvets for when it gets really chilly. On our website we only offer bedsheet quilt sets, because you’ll likely need a lighter blanket most of the time at the cottage. We have fantastic designs that really scream Welcome to the Cottage

What kind of patterns are you looking for?

As you can tell from our collection, our favourite theme is definitely the animal themed cottage bedding. In the wilderness you’re much more likely to run into moose, bears, or deer. Throw in some stylish rustic colours with those animals’ silhouettes and you’ve got a great quilt that fits perfectly with your cottage or country home! Some other favourite themes are pleasant neutral colours, beach aesthetics quilts, and country plaid bedding.

Our Buck Cottage Quilt has optional matching shams and cushions to tie the entire theme together. Now you get the best of both worlds, with beautiful flannel country style bedding, and the animal theme!

Buck Cottage Quilt


All of these themes are great for Farmhouse bedding, your cabin or lakehouse, or your cottage!

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