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Outdoor Showers

by Eduan Pretorius 19 Aug 2021 0 Comments

Have you ever used an outdoor shower before? It is so refreshing. 

We have an outdoor shower in our suburban backyard, and let me tell you, I don’t know how I ever lived without one.

We’ve been using our Luna Red Cedar Sauna for several years now, all four seasons. In the summer it obviously gets quite hot in southern Ontario, admittedly the outdoor sauna is less exciting when it’s 40 degrees celsius. With the outdoor shower cooling me down, it’s absolutely perfect. 



Here’s my summer routine:

I jump in the sauna for 15 minutes

Cool off with a cold shower for 2 minutes

Back to the sauna for 10

Another cool down

One more sauna for 10 minutes

And one last cool down in the cold outdoor shower

Then I drip-dry around the backyard for 10 minutes in the blistering sun, and go inside for a shower with soap.

I cannot explain to you how good it feels to change your body heat drastically like that, going from the hot sauna to the cold shower. It’s really like there’s a Scandinavian spa in my backyard!

We also offer outdoor showers with premium hardware, so that you can set up a hot shower and a cold shower in the backyard. Hot showers in the backyard are great if you have a pool, to rinse off before you go in or rinse the chlorine after with fresh water from the hose.

Outdoor shower with privacy screens.

We have several shower options to optimize your needs and budget. The Cloudburst Shower and Barrel Shower are perfect for those who need privacy. It could even work double as an outdoor changeroom! We have a premium red cedar shower called the Outdoor Sunlight Shower, and a less expensive alternative, the eastern cedar version called Sierra Pillar Outdoor Shower.


Check out this Red Cedar Barrel Shower that matches perfectly with the Red Cedar Barrel Sauna

barrel sauna and barrel shower outdoors backyard.

barrel sauna & shower outside

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