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Drawer Extension Slides

Drawer extension slides

When it comes to the drawers in your home, there is more to them than what meets the eye. While the appearance of your drawers matters, the mechanical elements used inside are just as important as the finish and hardware displayed on the outside. 

Drawer slides allow your drawers to open and close smoothly. They also control how much your drawer is able to move. Drawer slides limit the extension of your drawer, so different types of drawer slides can give you more or less access to your drawer’s storage space. At Log Furniture and More, we use full extension slides in our furniture. 


What are full extension drawer slides? 

Full extension slides, compared to partial extension slides, allow you to do more with your drawer! Full extension slides allow your drawer to pull out all the way, giving you access to the entirety of your drawer space.

Full extension slides improve the functionality of your furniture by making your drawers easier to use. These types of drawers are great for kitchen or pantry cabinets, desk drawers, and dressers, since they allow easy access to the entire storage space of your drawer. 

The slides we use at Log Furniture and More are heavy duty full extension slides. You can rest assured that you are getting more from your drawer with us! 

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