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Best Dining Tables in Canada

by Mark Boulding 27 Nov 2020 2 Comments

Log Furniture and More offers extremely unique dining tables to add a personal flare to your dining experience. We are very proud of the dining table sets we make in Canada, and we’re here to share them with you as you share your meals with your family and friends.

Yes, these past few years during the pandemic have been different. We’ve all stayed home more, cooked more, and enjoyed our family time more. Hey, I’m focusing on the positives! Meals are made to be shared and enjoyed with family and friends. The pandemic really changed my plans, but has brought me closer to my family, which I appreciate a lot. It’s also allowed me to cook meals I never thought I could before! With the kids unexpectedly moving back home for a little while when the pandemic hit, we were cooking for more people and enjoying family dinner around the dining table every night. 


heritage river dining table 6 seats dining table 6 chairs.


At our cottage, we like to follow the rules of modern rustic design. I personally think that the live edge dining table is a must-have. The live edge is a perfect modern accent to the beautifully crafted rustic dining table, like yin and yang. The live edge dining table also looks more authentic and hand crafted than other cookie-cutter dining tables, making your dining room unique. We have a Beetlewood dining table 8 seater (84”) at home because it’s a more modern look to match the suburban lifestyle, while at the cottage we went for a completely rustic look to match the wilderness. At the cottage, we really enjoy the Mountain Lodge Log Dining Room table (still with a live edge accent of course). At home we have all Beetlewood Side Chairs to really close off the pine dining table in the dining room, but at the cottage we left it open with a couple of dining bench seats. Whether you want to go with dining table chairs or dining table set with benches is a personal preference to anyone who needs a wood log table for dining, to which I say to each its own. Here are a couple of pictures of what the live edge looks like on a previous customer order, Early American Finish on the Heritage River Pine Dining Table:


Heritage River Pine Live Edge dining Table 8 seater dining table 8 chairsdining table 10 seater dining table 10 chairs.




















A dining table means more to my family than just where we eat. It’s the meaningful conversations we share and the memories we make that really bring us together.  We use ours to play games like cribbage, surakarta, euchre, and other card games. We hope that we can share our dining tables with your family to create your own magical experiences at home. Check out our other dining room furniture too, like our rustic log buffet with a hutch, perfect for your dinnerware or other dining room storage stuff to match your dining room. Here are some of my other favourite dining table designs:

We make all of our dining tables and dining chairs in Canada! Canadian made cannot be beat, as we craft our dining tables from natural wood in Canada personally for you. We also do custom orders for wood log dining tables for bigger or smaller sizes, so you can get a dining table that suits your exact needs in any room. If you need a custom order for a 10 seater dining room table with 10 chairs, or any other number of seats, please contact us or email at info@logfurnitureandmore.ca

We’re sure that our dining tables and chairs will exceed your expectations. Check out some of our customer reviews here:


Lance From Edmonton (Beetlewood)

What an absolutely gorgeous set of table and chairs! I’ve been all over our town, and a few other towns nearby, looking for a dining room table and chairs set that I really liked and wanted to put in our freshly remodeled dining room. I was looking for one with a bench seat, and chairs, and I love the different paint color on the legs of the table and the chairs. I don’t normally order furniture online but this was so perfect that I took the plunge and ordered it anyway. I can honestly say that I’m totally satisfied with the whole experience from start to finish and would definitely order furniture online from this company again. The shipping was fast, the set up was fairly simple, and my dining room looks incredible. Everyone that comes over just raves about it so I know I did good!


Justin From Ottawa (Rocky Valley)

We received our table about 3 weeks ago and just wanted to tell you how impressed we are with it. We got the live edge and we get compliments about this table from everyone. It is really wonderful. You do a great job. We will be back to order more in the summer.



Trevor From Torrance (Rocky Valley)

Wonderful table for the cottage. We got the 84" and love it. The Clear Coat stain is great as we spilled a drink the first hour and no stain. We will be ordering our beds soon.



Henry From Kingston (Heritage River Pine Timber)

This is the first time we ever ordered off the internet and the table is 10 times more beautiful in person. We constantly get compliments on this table and the price is fantastic. We ordered 2 benches and 2 chairs and love it. The live edging is terrific.

🍁 🇨🇦 We're proudly Canadian. We're environmentally friendly. We deliver the best quality products for the lowest price. We're your friends that you haven't met yet. 🇨🇦 🍁

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28 May 2023 Symondsandrews

These dining tables are stunning! The craftsmanship and design showcased in the collection are impressive. They would be a beautiful addition to any home, adding elegance and functionality. Love it! https://www.sawyertwain.com/pool-tables/

16 May 2023 Christiananelbon

This was very nice to read and go through! try this Pool table

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