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Ice Bath How To - The Ultimate Ice Bath Tub Guide

by Toph Langille 01 Sep 2023 2 Comments

Experience the health benefits of ice baths, including accelerated exercise recovery and reducing swelling and inflammation. Whether you're an athlete aiming to enhance performance or seeking to improve your well-being, ice baths can serve many purposes and preferences.

There are a few ways people can choose to take their ice baths:

1. If you live in a colder climate with easy access to icy water such as a pond, river, or lake
2. Using store-bought or self-made ice to chill your water
3. Using a chiller to maintain a precise and consistent water temperature

Although using natural ice water is an option to some, it comes with risks. Using ice or a chiller to cool your ice tub will ensure a safe and sanitary cold plunging experience.

Using ice vs chiller for an ice bath

The two most commonly used methods to chill an ice bath are using ice or chiller. Each has their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of use ice for an ice bath


• Easily accessible - You can use ice that you get at a store or that you made at home.

• Inexpensive - relative to investing in a chiller, buy or producing ice is a cheaper option.

• Immersive experience - Using ice to chill a cold tub can simulate a natural ice water experience, which some people prefer

• Requires frequent refills - After a while the ice will melt and requires you to constantly replenish the ice to maintain a cold water temperature.

• Inconsistent temperature - Because you rely on ice to chill the water, the water temperature is volatile and is impacted by outside temperature.

    Advantages and disadvantages of using a chiller for an ice bath

    • Precise water temperature - a chiller will maintain a consistent water temperature for long periods of time.

    • Long-lasting - Chillers require low maintenance after being properly set up, and will be functional for long-term.

    • Cleaner water - Chillers sometimes have built-in filters that help remove any dirt and debris in the water.

    • Greater upfront cost - Getting a chiller for an ice bath requires a greater initial investment than ice, but will be of use for a long time.


      What temperature should an ice bath be?

      Determining the ideal ice bath temperature involves striking a balance between the therapeutic benefits and the shock to the system. While there's no universally fixed temperature, a range of 50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 15 degrees Celsius) is commonly recommended. This range is sufficiently cold to trigger the body's cold response, encouraging vasoconstriction and aiding in reducing inflammation and muscle soreness. However, it's essential to consider individual tolerances and goals. Athletes seeking quick recovery might opt for the lower end of the range, while those aiming for general wellness might find the higher end more manageable. Always listen to your body's signals and adjust the temperature accordingly for a safe and effective ice bath experience.

      **Using a chiller instead of ice allows for greater control over the water temperature to ensure it is suitable for your tolerance and objectives.

      How much ice for an ice bath?


      The amount of ice needed to chill an ice bath will vary depending on the size of your tub. In a 100 gallon bath, you should fill it with roughly 70 gallons of water and 60 pounds of ice to get the water to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This quantity is typically sufficient to lower the water temperature to the desired therapeutic range, allowing for the body to experience the cold's rejuvenating effects. However, variations abound based on the ice's size, ambient temperature, and intended purpose. Experimentation is key – start with a moderate amount and observe the resulting water temperature, adding more ice as needed to attain the desired chill.


      How to use a Cold Plunge Chiller

      Setting up the Chiller

      1. Ensure the GFI switch is in the up position

      2. Turn on the power switch

      The screen will flash until water flow is achieved. Once the flow is achieved, the screen will display the current water temperature in the cold plunge.

      The Controls

      • The first button will power the chiller on and off

      • The second button is the mode button, press for 3 seconds to convert temperature between Celsius and Fahrenheit

      • The third button is the setting button. Press for 1 second to set desired temperature.

      • Press the up and down keys (buttons 5 and 6) to adjust the temperature. Click save and exit (press buttons 5 and 6 at the same time)

      • The fourth button is the wi-fi button. Press and hold for 5 seconds to connect to a Wi-Fi

        Controlling the chiller with your phone

        1. To control the chiller with your phone or tablet, scan the QR code on the quick start guide to download the Smart Life App.

        2. Hold the Wi-Fi button on the chiller until you hear a beep and the Wi-Fi icon begins flashing.

        3. Launch the Smart Life App. Ensure Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is enabled on the device. Allow the app to find devices.

        4. Tap on “add a device”. Enter the Wi-Fi password then SY-ICE should come up and connect.

        From within the app, you will be able to turn the chiller on and off, set and view its temperature, and set various controls to ensure your cold plunging experience suits your preferences.

        The world of ice baths offers a diverse array of options to harness their numerous health benefits. Whether you're an athlete striving to boost performance or simply seeking to enhance your overall well-being, ice baths can cater to your unique preferences and goals. Investing in a cold plunge chiller is an excellent way to prioritize your convenience and health as they are quick and easy to use and offer a wide range of specific controls. Chill happily!

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