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Canada's Best Backyard Tiki Bars

by Eduan Pretorius 21 Dec 2021 0 Comments

We all love decorating our houses and adding the right elements to them. Creating a space that resonates with our soul and inner energy is also our favourite hobby that we keep doing now and then. Interior house decorations are mostly easy to do as they aren't influenced by weather and external factors. 

But decorating exteriors can get a bit challenging. But we can make it super fun as well. We can always add fun elements into our front yards and backyards to give us the perfect outdoor relaxation in our down times. The most elegant and fun way to add to your backyard is with Tiki Bars from Log Furniture and More

Today we are here with a very cool and cozy factor you can add to your backyard. Having alfresco entrainment in mind, it is time to also think of what you want in your outdoor space to feel and look like. Creating a tiki bar is one of the easiest tricks to wow all of your guests and make them want to stay at your place a little more. By using a tiki bar in your backyard or at the cottage or cabin, you can better entertain your guests and keep the costs low. 

 Tropical backyard tiki bar on the lake

Before we get started, we would suggest you choose where you wish to install all of your entertaining corners. Consider the swath of a level grounded that doesn't affect the flow of your area visually or come in the way of natural traffic patterns. And once you have selected a location, you can use these given tips to design your whole new tropical-inspired fun space fully. 


Origin of tiki bars:

The start of tiki bars was back in the 50s when Ernest Gantt, also known as Donn Beach, opened the first tiki restaurant in California. He mixed up his vast knowledge of faraway tropical lands and his combining skills in the over-the-top tropical bar. But he was not the only one that revolutionized the cocktail world. Victor, also known as Trader Vic, started his very own tiki restaurant along with legendary cocktails. 


How can I build a bar?

Instruction are included with the shipment, it is not a difficult process, but rather just heavy. The bar is mostly assembled upon arrival, and the tricky and timely part is really just building the roof. Adding thatching to the roof and the nailed bamboo stalks being a decorative element to wrap around the façade could assist you in creating the vibe you wish to create. 


Bring in the right lawn furniture:

 Now that your backyard tiki bar is set up and a vibrant space where your guests will be hanging out, it is now the right time to add furniture. Decide on how you are going to use this space. Do you want to have wooden bar stools to match your tiki bar as well


 tiki bar log bar stools


Would you have more use out of an outdoor dining table with chairs along with it or the sectional sofa that has end tables?

outdoor wood dining tables to match the tiki bar backyard


Lawn chairs (sometimes called Muskoka chairs or Adirondack chairs) and sun loungers will also go on with your best backyard tiki bars theme and give multi-functional seating options in c entertaining space. 


Add greenery to your space:

If your tiki bar space is in your lawn, you are already a part there, but to take it to a higher level, you have to landscape it. If you are lucky enough to live in a climate that supports tropical flora such as ferns, palms, or bromeliad, these plants will make your scene complete.


If you install the tiki bar on some deck or a concrete area, you may still get the desired effect by bringing potted plants in the whole design.


Planting some bamboo if you think your style is bolder is also an option. Though it might be aggressive, hence you have to move ahead carefully. That is why placing it in the planter is something wise you can do. 


Bring in some light!

If you wish to use this best backyard tiki bars space after hours, you will have to have enough lighting. Standing lights with flickering bulbs that mimic some burning torches' look are a real option, while oil troches are another. Strand of string lightings is also an ideal finishing touch for a soft ambient light scene and creating the right setting. 


Made of red cedar from Canada, made in Canada and can be delivered anywhere:

If you wish to have the best backyard tiki bars in Canada, you can have the best ones from LogFurnitureAndMore.com. They are a family-owned business located in Southern Ontario, and we are obsessed with having quality Canadian-made wood furniture. We have a strong passion for the cottage lifestyle, having a rustic look and vibe. We are people that believe in quality. 


A lot of our saunas and furniture are made in Dundalk, Ontario. To add a variety of our Canadian-made furniture, we also have imprinted some accessories and furniture from the US. Our main products include rustic log furniture, log bunks, log beds, outdoor patio furniture, and anything outdoorsy.


The best backyard Tiki Bars in Canada are available at us. We proudly offer all our customers these tiki bars made of red Cedar from Canada and may be delivered anywhere else. 


Our service is very friendly and highly customer-focused. We care about you and also your family's needs. We are offering the best backyard tiki bars in Canada and deliver them anywhere you want them to be. 


We are glad to offer ideal furniture to our consumers that have lived up to a good long while in your backyards. You can buy this furniture from us and get the highest customer satisfaction.


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