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Best Wooden Playsets in Canada - Your Kids will Love it!

by Mark Boulding 08 Dec 2020 0 Comments


Children love playing outside. It’s not only enjoyable for them, it actually helps their brain development! Unstructured play is critical for kids to learn about their limitless opportunities and develop their brains in a natural way, according to the Canadian Public Health Association. Kids need to play outside and play in an “unstructured manner” to not be limited by rules in order to develop their self-awareness and realize their unique gifts. Kids just want to run, climb, slide, and swing. The easiest way for them to do that is with a high quality kids backyard playground! 

tree frogs playset canada. 



We ship our kids play sets from Canada, built strong and built to last. We use only 100% cedar, which is naturally resistant to rotting and insects, making sure your kids are safe and have the ultimate backyard playset experience! These playsets are perfect for your cottage or chalet, the cedar wood really adds to the rustic feel at the cottage! We also offer a 15 year warranty on the wood, so you can be sure that it will last. We have a huge selection of outdoor play sets so you can get the ideal jungle gym for your cottage, chalet, or backyard! Would you prefer all the specs for a complete backyard playground for the cottage, or just a classic A-Frame outdoor backyard cedar swing set? What about a classic tire swing for your kids to dangle and sway? We offer the absolute highest quality playgrounds and wooden swing sets and wooden playsets in Canada. We can’t wait for your kids or grandkids to try our playsets!

tire swing canada. swing set childrens swing canada.

Having a playground at the cottage is a great way to keep your kids busy while you find time to relax! Getting their energy out during the day is never a bad thing ;)


If you’re looking for an adult version, we also offer classic log swing sets for a relaxing outdoor experience. These rustic wooden swing sets are perfect for reading or conversations with friends and family outside at the cottage.

rustic log swing canada.

Check out what people have said about their wooden playset purchases:



Suzanne (Bengal Fort 5.8 with Wood Roof by Tree Frogs)

Been waiting, and waiting, and saving, and saving for this day. My daughter told me this was the happiest day of her life. She played on it for four hours in between the rain. Then she gave me the biggest hug and told me she was so thankful God gave her to me and God have me to her.With COVID-19 going on my daughter has been out of school for over four months, no recess, no friends, no parks nearby even if she could play on them. She needed this. Plus she gets to play outside, get some fresh air and exercise.Luckily I had saved up because I wanted a high quality swing set that is going to last for years, especially in the hot desert sun. My daughter can get many years, and my Granddaughter who is coming in a couple of months will get to enjoy it too in a few years. Well worth the investment to see the smiles that come with it.

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