Harmony Bed
Harmony Bed
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Harmony Bed

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Introducing the Harmony Bed, a rustic masterpiece meticulously handcrafted in the heart of Ontario, Canada. This unique bed is a blend of character and charm, elevating any bedroom with its timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship.

Your Harmony Bed is a testament to the dedication and precision invested in every detail. The bed features a 22" or 32" footboard, providing options for personalization to suit your desired aesthetic. Crafted from solid wormy maple, this hardwood boasts distinctive wormholes, color variations, and mineral streaks, creating a visually captivating and robust piece.

Choose between the Millsawn (ruff sawn) or smooth surface texture, each offering a unique visual appeal. The Millsawn texture provides a rugged, natural look and feel, showcasing the rough lumber's character, while the smooth surface highlights the wood's natural grain and texture.

Transform your bedroom into a haven of rustic elegance with the Harmony Bed, where each detail reflects the pride of craftsmanship and the enduring beauty of solid wood.  Embrace the choice of textures, whether the rugged charm of Millsawn or the smooth surface, making the Harmony Bed a timeless centerpiece for your bedroom sanctuary.



- 22" or 32" footboard
- Solid wormy maple
- Choice of millsawn (ruff sawn) or smooth surface
- Wood slats with center supports (for box spring/mattress combination)
- Option to purchase extra strength Slats (no boxspring required)

Available Sizes:

Single Bed:
Width: 41.5" | Depth: 81" | Height: 54"

Double Bed:
Width: 56.5" | Depth: 81" | Height: 54"

Queen Bed:
Width: 63.5" | Length: 87" | Height: 54"

King Bed:
Width: 80.5" | Depth: 87" | Height: 54"

Type of wood:

Wormy Maple - A type of hardwood that is characterised by wormholes and colour variations/mineral streaks that are caused by the Ambrosia beetle. This wood is highly sought after for its unique rustic appearance and strength. There are no two boards alike in this beautiful and popular wood. In general a light brown colour with wavy grain patterns.

Wood Texture:

Millsawn - This is our most rustic texture that creates a rugged natural look and feel. It is a rough lumber that comes from the handplaning and sanding from the mill. This is not a flat surface and can be uneven.

Smooth - Wood is sanded smooth to show natural grain and texture.