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Eternal Woods Bed

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Embark on a journey of exceptional craftsmanship and natural allure with the Eternal Woods bed. Meticulously handcrafted in the heart of Ontario, this bed is a testament to the skilled artistry that goes into every detail. Choose from solid Wormy Maple or pine, each carefully selected to enhance the bed's inherent beauty and durability. The Eternal Wood Bed is not just a piece of furniture; it's a statement of quality and timeless design. To add an extra layer of character, this bed incorporates striking metal accents, infusing an industrial charm that elevates its aesthetic appeal.


- Solid pine or wormy maple
- 22" or 32" footboard
- Millsawn (Ruff Sawn) surface
- Wood slats with center supports (for box spring/mattress combination)
- Option to purchase extra strength Slats (no boxspring required)

Available Sizes:

Single Bed:
Width: 44" | Depth: 82" | Height: 68"

Double Bed:
Width: 59" | Depth: 82" | Height: 68"

Queen Bed:
Width: 66" | Length: 88" | Height: 68"

King Bed:
Width: 83" | Depth: 88" | Height: 68"

Type of wood:

Pine - A commonly used softer wood for furniture. It is a very light yellowish colour with a general uniform colour and texture. It usually has many knots with a small grain pattern.

Wormy Maple - A type of hardwood that is characterized by wormholes and colour variations/mineral streaks that are caused by the Ambrosia beetle. This wood is highly sought after for its unique rustic appearance and strength. There are no two boards alike in this beautiful and popular wood. In general a light brown colour with wavy grain patterns.

Wood Texture:

Millsawn - This is our most rustic texture that creates a rugged natural look and feel. It is a rough lumber that comes from the hand planing and sanding from the mill. This is not a flat surface and can be uneven.

Smooth - Wood is sanded smooth to show natural grain and texture.