White Cedar Georgian Cabin Sauna
White Cedar Georgian Cabin Sauna with Two Windows
Back View of White Cedar Georgian Cabin Sauna
Premium Metal Shingle Roof
Two Level White Cedar Sauna Benches
Harvia Wood Burning Stove for Saunas
Interior View of White Cedar Georgian Cabin Sauna
White Cedar Georgian Cabin Sauna Interior
White Cedar Georgian Cabin Sauna Dimensions
White Cedar Georgian Cabin Sauna Dimensions
White Cedar Georgian Cabin Sauna Dimensions
Stainless Steel Stack Pipes for Harvia Wood Stove
Bronze Tempered Glass Door and Windows
Saaku Sauna Heater
Saaku 6kw Sauna Heater
Handcrafted from Eastern White Cedar
Sauna Door Handle
Sauna Outside Vent
Sauna Vent
Interior Light Cover
Exterior Light Cover
Sauna Bucket and Ladle
Sauna Back Rests
Solar Sauna Light
Sauna Sand Timer
Sauna Chimney
Sauna Thermometer
Sauna Accessories

Outdoor White Cedar Georgian Cabin Sauna 7.5' x 7.5'

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Rated 4.9 Stars on Google Satisfaction Guaranteed One Tree Planted Per Order

This Georgian Cabin Sauna, part of the Canadian Timber Collection, is handcrafted from Eastern White Cedar that is lighter in colour and has tight knots in the wood. The cabin shape fits in well with all cottages and homes and comes in kit form. The metal shingle roof ensures that your sauna is dry and ready to enjoy.


     2-6 person capacity
     Made in Canada
     Front windows included
     Premium metal shingle roof included
     Eastern White Cedar – light colour and knots
     5mm bronze tempered glass
     Solid wide benches
     8 kw heater recommended or wood burning

Sauna Heater Options:

    Designer B Electric Heater
     - Finnish heater perfect for Saunas
     - Compact Wall Mounted
     - Rugged construction 
     - Built in timer and thermostat
     - Wet and dry sauna
     - Includes rocks

     Homecraft Revive Electric Heater
     - Rocks included in price (200 lbs in 5 boxes)
     - Made in Canada
     - Includes TKE2-2 digital wall mounted control
     - Heater Size: 14" x 14" x 36"
     - Weight without Rocks: 40 lbs

     Karhu 20 Wood Burning Heater
     - Made in Finland
     - Heater size: 17" W x 28.75" H x 18" D
     - Rock capacity: 70 lbs (rocks included in price)
     - Heater weight: 99 lbs
     - Glass door allowing view of the fire
     - Includes heat shield and stainless chimney
     - Wood fed from inside

     Huum Drop Heater (40amp)
     - Rocks included in price
     - Compact wall mounted heater in the shape of a rain drop
     - Includes beautiful looking stainless steel frame and smooth rocks
     - Manual control unit on the wall (included in price)
     - Option to add WIFI to control heat with phone app (for additional charge)
     - Wet and dry sauna
     - Gentle long lasting steam
     - Made in Estonia by skillful craftsmen

For installation queries please email us at info@logfurnitureandmore.ca

Karhu Wood Burning Heater demonstration video:


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