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The Muskoka Outdoor Barrel Sauna 7' Dia x 7' Long
Knotty cedar sauna with 2 windows on dock at the cottage
Knotty Barrel sauna
Square wood roof for sauna
Knotty Barrel sauna with cove at the Cottage
Knotty Barrel sauna with porch
Knotty Barrel Sauna at home
Knotty Barrel Sauna with porch in backyard
The Muskoka Barrel Sauna 7' Dia x 7' Long
The Muskoka Barrel Sauna 7' Dia x 7' Long with Porch
The Muskoka Barrel Sauna 7' Dia x 7' Long with Changeroom
The Muskoka Barrel Sauna 7' Dia x 7' Long with Porch and Changeroom
Knotty Barrel sauna with porch
Knotty Barrel Sauna with changeroom
Barrel sauna with bevel roof
Barrel sauna with bevel roof and round window door
Bevel roof for barrel sauna
Solar light for barrel sauna
Solar light for sauna
Canadian made barrel sauna door
Barrel sauna with cove cover
Aluminum bands for cedar barrel sauna
Cottage barrel sauna made in Ontario
Changeroom for barrel sauna
Signature Benches in Barrel Sauna
Barrel Sauna interior
Benches inside a barrel sauna
Barrel Sauna back window
Barrel sauna interior with door and round window
Back window for barrel sauna with electric heater
Barrel sauna interior with electric heater and regular benches
Interior of barrel sauna
Lounge seating for barrel sauna
Signature benches in barrel sauna
Electric heater of barrel sauna
Sauna interior with Authentic Wood Burning Stove
Knotty Cedar Sauna Harvia Heater
Harvia wood stove for sauna
Signature benches in sauna
Back window of barrel sauna
Harvia Wood Stove in Sauna
Interior of wood barrel sauna
Back of traditional wood stove of barrel sauna
Chimney for wood sauna
Back of barrel sauna
The Muskoka Barrel Sauna 7' Dia x 7' Long
Exterior light with cover
Sand thermometer for sauna
Interior light with cover and thermostat
Sauna Accessories
Sauna Thermometer
Set of Sauna Elite Backrests
Barrel Sauna crate

The Muskoka Barrel Sauna 7' Dia x 7' Long

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The Muskoka Knotty Cedar Sauna is the perfect way to relax all year long at the cottage. It is crafted from red knotty cedar, which has a wonderful natural colour, and is made durable by using aluminum bands and stainless steel hardware. A full sized door makes easy work of getting in and out of the barrel. Ventilation is by means of a circular system in the back wall. Supplied with a solid cedar cradle and clear cedar benches, the Muskoka Sauna is easy to assemble. This sauna has many options to choose from including a porch, windows, flat floor and change room.

This sauna is 7' diameter by 7' long and seats 2-6 people.

A full sized door with a thermo sealed window makes getting in and out of the barrel sauna simple. With our state of the art computerized milling equipment our cedar barrel saunas are produced in easy to assemble packages and shipped across Canada. Clear cedar benches and a solid cedar cradle are included.

The bands are high quality marine grade aluminum and all exposed hardware is stainless steel. A round ventilation system is located in the back wall.

Bench Seat Options:

Regular flat cedar bench included

or Upgrade to Signature bench which includes curved benches with mortise and tenon joints, wall from floor to bench, cedar full length backrest.

or Upgrade to an adjustable Lounger style bench with wall from floor to bench.

Sauna Heater Options:

Recommended heater is wood or electric 8-9 kw

     Saaku Heater (40amp)
     - Finnish heater perfect for Saunas
     - Compact Wall Mounted
     - Rugged construction 
     - Built in timer and thermostat
     - Wet and dry sauna
     - Includes rocks

     Authentic Wood Burning Stove
     - Canadian made
     - Cast iron
     - Includes chimney
     - No power required
     - Wood fed from outside so no mess inside
     - Wet and dry sauna

     Harvia Wood Burning Stove
     - Cast iron fire gate
     - Glass door allowing view of the fire
     - 2 burning channels for faster heating
     - Graphite black stove with stainless steel spoiler
     - Includes rocks
     - Wet and dry sauna
     - Includes heat shield and stainless chimney
     - Wood fed from inside
     - Made in Finland
     - Needs flat floor option (please select in options)

     Please email us at info@logfurnitureandmore.ca for heater installation cost.

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