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Surakarta Board Game
Surakarta Game
Surakarta Pegs


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Handcrafted in Canada

Age: 7 years+
Number of Players: 2
Length of Play: 30 min or less

Originating from the isle of Java in Indonesia, Surakarta is a game of strategy sure to surprise even the most sophisticated of players. The game’s whirling patterns serve as paths to capture the competitor's pegs. The player to capture all of their opponent's pegs wins first. 

These are one-of-a-kind designs. The wood’s naturally unique grain and quality finishing make each board a novel and exceptional piece of craftsmanship.

Board – in cherry with walnut and bloodwood inlays
24 metal pegs
Canvas sleeve to store pegs
Rules, in English and French

Approximate Size:
30 cm (12”) in diameter

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