Walnut Hanging Wood Planter
Side Profile Walnut Wooden Hanging Planter
Above View of Walnut Wood Planter with hoops
Packaging of Walnut Wood Planter, hook included and string

Walnut Hanging Wood Planter

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These gorgeous Walnut wooden hanging planters are handmade in Canada by Meagan in Edmonton. Indoor hanging plant holders are a beautiful and easy way to add greenery to your home without crowding floor or table space. Hoops are made to give your greenery a wonderful accent that will change the room. Each planter comes with one ceiling hook. (installation required) Plants & pots not included.

Because each product is uniquely handcrafted, the string length and wood size vary slightly from order to order. String length is between 28-30 inches. Support local Canadian Craftswoman Meagan with this very unique Hanging Planter! 

Walnut 10" Hoops. Wood Plank is 5.5 x 6.75 inches. Includes Ceiling Hook.
Walnut 12" Hoops Wood Plank is 6.75 x 8.5 inches. Includes Ceiling Hook.

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