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Wali board game


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Handcrafted in Canada

Age: 8 years+
Number of Players: 2 or 4
Length of Play: 30 min or less

The goal of Wali is to remove all of your components pieces from the board using trickery and good humour. Popular in many parts of Africa, this game will capture the attention of every player young and old because it is simple and quick to play. Matches can be played either drawn out or kept short. A refreshing change to game consoles!

These are one-of-a-kind designs. The wood’s naturally unique grain and quality finishing make each board a novel and exceptional piece of craftsmanship.

Also available in a large-size or compact version.

Board – in cherry with walnut, wild cherry and bloodwood inlays
4 metal pegs
Canvas sleeve to store pegs

Approximate Size:
30 cm (12”) in diameter