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Mayan Hammock - Large Double

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These Mayan Hammocks are well-known around the world for their unmatched comfort. Their long-standing secret is the thin cotton-string diamond-shaped weave that makes this one of the most restful Hammocks in the world.

The cotton strings are extremely soft on the skin and unlock that feeling of total weightless that feels so nice at the end of a hard day. This large double hammock comfortably holds two adults and is ideal for the couple that enjoys whiling away time together, snuggled up and cozy in their own tropical island of solitude. It_s like taking a quiet vacation, even though you_ll never physically leave the porch or backyard. Why not grab some books and kill a few hours on the weekend or pour a couple of ice-cold drinks and watch the sun go down after a hard day at the office? You could even put on some soft music, close your eyes and take a long relaxing nap. The decision is up to you! Let your imagination run free.

Each one of these large double Hammocks is handmade by Mayan artisans who use the same techniques that have been passed down through their families and culture for many decades. You can feel the pride that goes into the creation of these Hammocks and sense the tremendous care and devotion that is poured into each one. The only problem? You may never want to get out of it!
Various Colours available

- One of our best-selling hammocks
- Woven by Mayan artisans in the traditional way
- Made of comfortable cotton threads
- Strong diamond stitch pattern
- Holds a couple-compatible 478 pounds
- Large resting area (6.7 feet long, 5 feet wide)
- Total hammock length: 13.3 feet
- Hanging hardware not included