Infra-Core Premium Dual Cedar Front Sauna
Infra-Core Premium Dual Cedar Front Sauna Door
Infra-Core Premium Dual Cedar Front Sauna Interior
Sauna Colour Therapy LED Lighting
Himalayan Salt Health Benefits
Infra-Core Infrared Sauna Emitter
Infra-core Sauna Heater Controls
Infra-Core Optimization Cooling System
Infra-Core Opti-Cool
Cedar and Poplar Wood Options
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Infra-Core Premium Dual Cedar Front Infrared Sauna

Made in Canada
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The Infra-Core Premium Dual Series is the ultimate sauna system! It’s a dual-purpose sauna that can function as a conventional sauna or as a Far Infrared sauna. Enjoy a conventional sauna or enhance your experience by switching to the Infra-Core mode for added health benefits. This dual sauna combines traditional sauna heater with Far Infrared therapy heaters. 

Available sizes

4’d x 4’w x 6’2”h (1-tier Bench)
4’d x 5’w x 6’2”h (1-tier Bench)
4’d x 6’w x 6’2”h (1-tier Bench)
5’d x 5’w x 6’6”h (2-tier Bench)
5’d x 6’w x 6’6”h (2-tier Bench)
5’d x 7’w x 6’6”h (2-tier Bench)


- American Poplar wood
- Canopy outdoor vented light fixture
- Leg recliner
- L-shaped bench
- Himalayan 4 brick frames (with or without LED lighting)


- Up to 11/16 of an inch thick clear T&G Western Red Cedar on all Interior
   walls, ceiling, floor, and exterior side walls.
- 5 mm Bronze Tempered Glass is used on all glass doors
- 2x4 Clear Western Red Cedar bench(es) with round edge
- Cedar backrest along wall for comfort
- Light fixture. Available in 120V or 240V (requires two dedicated lines)
- Sauna is pre-built; walls and ceiling are pre-fitted panels
- Benches skirts (optional upgrade)
- Front wall options available
- Benches are assembled from the bottom, while all walls are blind nailed
- Saunacore saunas are handcrafted by experienced craftsmen to the
   absolute highest standards in the industry
- Traditional sauna stove complete with rocks, control and stove guard
- Infra-Core medical grade emitters
- Requires no plumbing
- Optimized cooling system
- Separates into pieces – totally portable
- Open floor concept (cedar slate walking area only)
- Customization and other woods also available

The prebuilt Infrared Saunas are manufactured at the warehouse in Ontario. Once complete we test and retest to ensure everything is in mint condition prior to disassembling and packing onto the skid to ship out. You will receive the unit disassembled in panels, front wall, side walls, back wall etc., to be assembled. Supplied with every order is an installation and user manual. Our saunas are manufactured for easy assembly.

The Infrared Radiant sauna has been commonly used to treating people who suffer from toxic load. Many people unknowingly suffer from metal, particularly that of mercuri, lead and aluminium. When one is able to reduce the toxins and heavy metals in their body, their symptoms often improve. The infrared radiant sauna raises the core temperature which accelerates the removal of toxins and also improves the immune system.

HOW IT WORKS FAR INFRARED HEAT Far Infrared is a very beneficial addition to everyday life. Infrared heat penetrates deeper into our bodies than conventional traditional saunas. This form of heat allows the human body to perspire more and help eliminate toxins that build up in our system. Far Infrared is a portion of the light spectrum. Most of the sun’s energy is in the infrared range which is divided into three segments: far, middle and near. (Infrared is not to be confused with harmful UV.) Our bodies absorb Far Infrared which creates a sensation of warmth and stimulates many of our biological systems. (We generate Far Infrared internally as our cells burn food to produce energy and heat, and humans actually radiate this form of energy). We constantly send and receive it from each other. Far Infrared heating emitting device

Due to infrared not heating up the air in the sauna, it can only be used indoors.

To see the difference between Infrared Saunas and Traditional Saunas, see this article

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