large bunkie with loft and log furniture
large bunkie with log furniture
bottom of bunkie with log furniture
bedroom in bunkie with log furniture
Ultra haven bunkie with loft and log furniture

Haven Ultra Bunkie with Loft

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SKU: BL Haven Ultra
Rated 4.9 Stars on Google Satisfaction Guaranteed One Tree Planted Per Order

This is the biggest bunkie we offer and perfect for the guests, kids, family and even a home office.   This bunkie boasts an impressive loft space. The main floor is 100 sq. ft., the loft is 120 sq. ft. and tall enough that you can stand up in it.

Haven ULTRA Bunkie with Loft includes:

- Footprint: 122 ¾” x 122 ¾” - Square Footage: 104.6 ft² + Loft 120 ft²
- Height of Bunkie: 183.5″, Height of Loft (floor to peak): 82”
- Made from premium grade kiln-dried Northern Spruce
- All wood is pre-cut, notched and interlocking
- Main area plus loft with wood ladder; loft rated for up to 2500 lbs
- 5 Double Pane Windows for energy efficiency: 2 Long Windows on either side of the door (25″ x 60.1”) + 1 Side Double Window (51″ x 35”) + 1 Loft Double Window (51” x 23.1”) + 1 Window in Door
- Number of operating windows: 4 (include screens)
- Extra windows can be added to the side wall or back wall (purchase separately)
- Door: 34” x 80”, Window in Door: 24″ x 30″
- Pressure-treated floor sleepers
- Tongue and groove wooden floor boards and roof deck boards
- Premium window and door hardware, including keyed door knob
- Kit includes screws and nails
- Snow load rated for the northernmost parts of Ontario
- Engineer stamped drawing is available if permit application is required (nominal fee)
- Manufactured in Rockwood, ON

Electricity – The bunkies do not come with any electricity but can be easily added. We recommend hiring a licensed Electrical Contractor to do the wiring and ensure the job is done safely. Off-Grid power is another option for lighting, TV, fridges etc.

Heating – If you decide to heat your Bunkie, we recommend a Mini Wood Stove (no power needed) or if you have electricity perhaps baseboard heaters or portable heaters.

Insulation – Many of our customers are happy not having insulation as a decent heat source can keep the small space warm in most climates. If you decide to insulate we recommend you use rigid foam insulation between each post. In most cases you will be adding the insulation to the outside of the wall and then cover it with siding for the wall or shingles.

Building Permit – Most bylaws do not need a permit for a footprint of under 108sq ft2. Be sure to check your local bylaws and setback requirements

Foundation – Your structure can sit of many types of foundation including decks, patios, gravel, concrete slabs, pressure treated wood bases on footings. Remember to choose a location that has good draining and adequate clearance.

Installation - Most of our customers build the bunkies themselves and take pride in the finished product. Easy to use instructions and video assist with the process. If you prefer to have it installed, we recommend a local decking company or contractor. If you live in Ontario we can recommend some contractors.

Roofing – The Bunkie comes with a wood roof ready for a metal, corrugated or shingle outer protection roof. The outer roof is not included but can be purchased at any local hardware store. We can provide specs so you order the correct amount.

Stain – Your Bunkie comes unfinished. Once you have built the Bunkie we recommend sanding the exterior with a 60 grade sandpaper. You then can do 2 coats of the stain of your choice (we like the Sansin SDF). Speak with a local hardware store about the stain remembering to have UV protection and stain that repels water.

What is not included The foundation that the Bunkie sits on. The outer roofing such as shingles and the stain.

How the Bunkie is Shipped – The Bunkie is prefabricated, flat packed and shipped on standard pallets.


DELIVERY – Ontario Residents

Option 1 - Pick Up: You could schedule to pick up the bunkie kit at our factory in Rockwood, ON. You’ll need an open double-axel trailer (with no sidewalls) that can safely fit a 14-16′ x 4′ x 3.5′ pallet weighing 2500-3000 lbs. Or you could open the pallet and load it into your mode of transport.

Option 2 – Group Delivery - Ontario – This is the most common  (what is included in your shipping when you check out). We deliver your Bunkie along with others in your area on a specific day with a 24’ flatbed truck and forklift. Please let us know if there is any issues with access or landscape issues.

Option 3 – Private Delivery - We recommend this method for marina or water access only locations, difficult terrain, hard to access locations, gated deliveries, and for people who require delivery on a specific date and time. For this method, our driver has a pickup truck and flatbed trailer. With this option, you will need a couple of hands to help unload the pallet upon arrival. This method doesn’t have the convenience of a forklift but has the bonus of being able to choose a specific date and time and is great for tougher to reach areas. Please contact us for pricing for this delivery.

DELIVERY – Residents Outside Ontario

For AB, MB, SK, NS, NB, NL, PEI: We deliver to major cities in Canada. We ship to a trucking loading dock nearest you and then you would need to pick it up or arrange delivery from there. Our logistics company can also quote the final mile delivery to your door. Please call us CONTACT US for pricing to your location.

Quebec: Quebec has different regulations that prohibit many companies from delivering from Ontario into Quebec and unfortunately, they do not recognize Ontario forklift licenses.

As a solution, we have a delivery company licensed for Quebec deliveries. The bunkie kits go by truck from Puslinch to a depot in Ottawa and from Ottawa we offer a group delivery method similar to our group delivery method above for Ontario. This method helps keep costs down.

We can also offer private deliveries to Quebec. Our driver has a pickup truck and flatbed trailer. With this option, you will need a couple of hands to help unload the pallet. This method doesn’t have the convenience of a forklift but has the bonus of being able to pick a specific day.

Please email us at for pricing to your location.