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Cedar Hot Tubs by the lake
Outdoor Hot Tub and Wood Stove
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Outdoor Hot Tub
Oval cedar tub with steps and cover
Cedar Hot Tub in the winter
Filling cedar hot tub
Cedar hot tub and barrel sauna at the cottage
Cedar hot tub with heater at the cottage
Cedar hot tub in the winter
Cedar hot tub with heater and steps
Cedar hot tub with cover, heater and steps
Cedar hot tub with heater and step in the country
Seating inside cedar hot tub
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Cedar Hot Tubs
Cedar Hot Tubs
Cedar Hot Tubs
Cedar Hot Tubs
Cedar Hot Tubs
Cedar hot tub with heater at the cottage
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Cedar Hot Tubs

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Relax in hot water listening to a crackling fire in our Cedar Hot Tub, also known as Japanese soaking tubs. These traditional, cooperage-style cedar hot tubs are hand-crafted from clear western red cedar, giving you quality and craftsmanship that stands the test of time.

No electricity is involved since wood is burned to heat the water, which takes approximately 3-4 hours to heat from 45ºF to 105ºF. Filtration and chemicals are not required. With aluminum bands and stainless steel hardware this cedar hot tub makes a stylish feature in your yard or at the cottage. The smell of burning wood adds to the overall atmosphere and the tub can be enjoyed by family and friends on even the coldest of nights. It can be a cozy tub for two or a tub for sharing with family and friends. Extras can be purchased at an additional cost.

Some people use this as a cold tub and do not heat it but rather enjoy cooling after a sauna.

Please see this page to get information on Everything You Need to Know about Wood Burning Cedar Hot Tubs.

     Made in Canada 
     Aluminium wood-burning heater
     3.8-cm (1.5-in.) thick walls 
     Western red cedar construction for long lifespan
     Cedar benches on inside
     Rust-resistant stainless-steel hardware and bands
     Stainless-steel drain in bottom
     Heats up in approximately 3-4 hours
     2 persons required to assemble (allow approximately 1 hour for assembly) 
     Quick drain
     10.2 cm (4-in) thick brown vinyl cover
     For outdoor use only

Electrical Requirements: None

Note: All wooden cedar tubs need to be slowly filled with water and may leak for the first few days until the wood is swelled and the tub is sealed. Ensure the water is circulating in the heater before starting the fire to avoid damage to the heater.

Watch our video:

Hot Tub Covers: 4" vinyl covers with child locks are optional. The vinyl covers are made of high quality vinyl that is long-lasting and durable. Not included in price.

Extras (not included):
     Steps with railing
     Aluminum Tub Heater for wood burning
     Vinyl cover

Sizes Available:

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