Brazillian Style Hammock Chair

Brazillian Style Hammock Chair

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You_ll be swinging in style from almost any location you desire with one of these colourful Brazillian Hammock Hanging Chairs.

These multicoloured hammock chairs are created in the tradition of the native designers of Northeastern Brazil, using the techniques that have been passed down by generations of craftsmen. When these hammock chairs are made, they_re tightly woven with a high quality of cotton thread. These chairs are fun for lounging. They can provide a cozy setting for a morning of reflection or an afternoon of unwinding. Some people like to put these chairs on their front porch in the spring, and then move them into the house during the winter, even putting them in front of the fireplace for a quiet place of respite on a cold evening. So sit a while and enjoy a book, chill out with your favourite beverage, or cast away the cares of the day with a quiet session of swinging.

You_ll be surprised how sturdy these lightweight chairs are. They only weigh 4.9 pounds (which makes them easy to transport) and they can support up to 250 pounds. These Hammocks are easy to hang on a tree limb or with a special chair stand. These chairs will be so popular with your family that you_ll likely see the need for more than one of them. You_ll want to say goodbye to lawn chairs forever.

Available in variety of colours.