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Brazilian Hanging Chair

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Swing in style in any location with our vibrant selection of Brazilian Hanging Chairs. Beautifully crafted with soft cotton and strong polyester, these hammocks are as comfortable as they are durable.

Whether you choose to cocoon yourself in these cozy hammocks in nature or your home, you’ll find peace and tranquillity for every moment spent lounging.

Their lightweight, sturdy properties make them quick to set up and easy to move. Many of our customers find more value in these hammocks as they can be easily transferred outside from within your home during the warmer months and back indoors once the cold weather arrives, making them the key element to your optimal relaxation all year round.

Though they weigh only 4.4 pounds, these popular hammock chairs can support up to 250 pounds and can easily be hung on trees or with our Universal Hanging Chair Stand.

We can guarantee they’ll be a hit at your next gathering, in fact, we bet you’ll ditch the lawn chairs and replace them with these perfect lounging alternatives.

- The unique combination of comfort and relaxation
- Made of tightly woven cotton and polyester thread
- Appealing colors add to the decor
- The sturdy chair has a 250-pound limit
- Easy to transport
- Simple to hang