Bengal Fort 6.5 With Wood Roof by Tree Frogs

Bengal Fort 6.5 With Wood Roof by Tree Frogs

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This Bengal Fort has a 25 square foot play deck with wood roof.  Climb up the rock wall with it’s multi-coloured rocks and a climbing rope to assist the younger members or use the wooden entry ladder.  Once they up are up on the deck they can pretend to be searching the jungle for Bengal Tigers then hop on the double wall scoop slide and then its off to all the swinging fun before relaxing for a snack at the picnic table tucked under the play deck.

Standard Information:

- These are the highest quality playgrounds on the market

- All Wood is 100% cedar which is naturally resistant to rot and insects

- Free of chemicals

- No weight restrictions

- 15 year warranty on wood, lifetime on swing hangers and 1 year on everything else.


3 Position Swing 9’6″ Beam with
     - 1 Red Belt Swing
     - 1 Blue Belt Swing
     - Yellow Rope Swing w/Disc

There is also a separate Trapeze w/Rings

5 Yellow Safety Handles
2 Yellow Ladder Handles
Blue Ship’s Wheel
Blue Telescope

Assembled Dimensions: 19′ x 19′  x 13’6”
Deck Height: 6’5’’
Deck Size: 4’6” x 5′
Swing Beam Height: 9’6”
Slide Length: 11’3”
Deck Head Clearance: 7′

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