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Arrow Firewood Rack

Arrow Firewood Rack

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Why leave firewood out in the open when you can get it under a durable, protective cover? Our Arrow Firewood Rack is an all-steel firewood rack that gives you the ability to keep firewood off the ground and protected all year round. Avoid pesky pests from invading your firewood and keep it dry to ensure proper kindling when you need to use it. Features a rich color and onyx trim, simplified DIY assembly with pre-cut and pre-drilled parts, and an open front and back for easy access and proper air circulation.

- Made from durable galvanized steel for corrosion resistance.

- A compact unit sized to fit your stored firewood nearly anywhere. Great for porches, mudrooms, deck or patio.

- Pent roof eliminated rain water accumulation and keeps firewood stored under protective, reliable cover.

- Attractive onyx trim gives this unit a great look.

- Pre-cut and pre-drilled parts provide easier assembly.

- Fewer fasteners means assembly is simplified.

- Open front and back of the unit offers adequate air flow throughout, ensuring your firewood will become properly seasoned.