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2020 Bunkie with Loft
2020 Bunkie with Loft in the Woods
2020 Bunkie with Loft Ladder to Loft
2020 Bunkie with Ladder to the Loft
2020 Bunkie with Loft Inside Window
2020 Bunkie with Loft Inside Furniture
2020 Bunkie Ladder to the Loft
2020 Bunkie with Loft Inside View from the Top
2020 Bunkie with Loft Top Bunk
2020 Bunkie with Bed in the Loft
2020 Bunkie with Loft Looking Down

2020 Bunkie with Loft

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Do you need extra space at your cottage? This bunkie has the tallest loft of all our bunkies. Its base is 10 x 10 (under 108 sq. ft.). The bunkie loft is 8' x 10' and 78" tall.

2020 Bunkie with Loft includes:

- Walls and door made from kiln-dried Northern Spruce; all wood
   is pre-cut and notched
- Main area plus loft with wooden access ladder
- 6 windows; 5 on the main level—1 in the front door, 2 on either side
   of the doors and 2 large windows on the walls—5 windows open and
   close to let the fresh air in
- Tongue and groove floor - Roof deck boards; add your choice of roofing
- All hardware, including the door handle and lock
- Trim is included
- Easy to follow building instructions; videos and written
- Build the bunkie in 2-3 days or have it installed by a professional team
- No building permit is required in Ontario (less than 108 sq. ft.); we advise
   you to confirm with your municipality. Contact David if you have any questions.

Take a 3D Tour of the 2020 Bunkie with Loft in Virtual Reality

Click here to explore the bunkie as if you are really there. You can click to look around anywhere you’d like.

Measurements: The exterior width of the 2020 Bunkie with Loft is 123 1/2” and the exterior depth is 123 1/2”. Height of the bunkie is ~186″. Depth of the Bunkie including the loft overhang is 159 1/2” Interior ground floor is 10 x 10 sq. ft. and the loft is 8 x 10 sq. ft. The height from the floor to the bottom of the loft beams is 92.5” and the height from the loft floor to the peak is 78”. The front windows are 46.5” tall by 21” wide, windows on two main walls are 31” tall by 46.5” wide and the loft window is 21” x 46.5” wide. The logs are 1 -5/8” thick.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee: If you change your mind or are not fully satisfied with your cabin bunkie kit purchase within 60 days, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

5 Year Warranty: Your purchase is fully covered by our 5 year repair or replace warranty. This means we will pay to replace or repair any defects in materials or workmanship you may have with your bunkie.

Delivery and installation available - Please inquire for more details

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