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Bengal Fort 5.8 With Wood Roof
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Bengal Fort 5.8 With Wood Roof by Tree Frogs

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The Bengal Fort 5.8 has a 25 square foot deck with wood roof.  Your kids will love the picnic table for snacks or arts and crafts fun. The 8’9″ high 3 position swing beam has one red and one blue belt swing plus a rope disc swing to enjoy.


- These are the highest quality playgrounds on the market
- All wood is 100% cedar which is naturally resistant to rot and insects
- Free of chemicals
- No weight restrictions - as many kids as you can fit on them!
- Bolts should be tightened periodically and swingers/swivels greased annually
   or as needed
- Checking in the wood is normal character of the wood and will not
   effect structural safety
- We recommend our swing sets get installed by our company but can
   be done by 2 handy people
- All of our playground swing sets are treated with a water based stain
   and sealer with a natural cedar colour tone so that it is not only
   environmentally safe but more health friendly for children

- For ages 2-14 but mom and dad can play too!

- Yellow Double Wall Scoop Slide
- Wooden Entry Ladder
- Rock wall with multi-colour rocks & yellow rope
- Yellow Trapeze with Rings
- 5 Yellow Safety Handles
- 2 Yellow Ladder Handles
- Blue Ship’s Wheel
- Blue Telescope

Assembled Dimensions: 19′ x 16’6”  x 12’9”
Deck Height: 5’8’’
Deck Size: 4’6” x 5′
Swing Beam Height: 8’9”
Slide Length: 10′
Deck Head Clearance: 7′

- 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee on the product itself
- 1 year warranty on your entire swing set
- 10 year warranty on all wood and hardware
- Lifetime warranty on all scoop slides and swing hangers

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