Eastern White Cedar Barrel Saunas

These saunas are made from premium grade Eastern White Cedar sourced from Ontario, Canada, and are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. Eastern White Cedar is our "economy" collection. While it's still a premium wood, it does not have the durability, long-lasting smell, and clean lines of the Western Red Cedar collections from BC.

Our Barrel Saunas are a unique and beautiful addition to any home, with their distinctive round shape and elegant design. They're perfect for those who want a sauna that's both functional and visually stunning.

Eastern White Cedar is known for its durability, resistance to rot and decay, and its natural ability to repel insects. It's also a beautiful wood, with a light color and a subtle, pleasant fragrance. When you step inside our Eastern White Cedar Barrel Saunas, you'll be enveloped in the gentle heat and soothing aroma of this remarkable wood. 

Our Barrel Saunas are designed with your comfort in mind. They feature comfortable benches for seating, as well as a built-in wood stove that provides ample heat and humidity. The round shape of the sauna creates a more even distribution of heat, ensuring that every corner of the sauna is evenly heated.

Our Eastern White Cedar Barrel Saunas are great for a variety of uses, including relaxing after a long day, improving circulation and easing muscle tension, or simply enjoying some quiet time to yourself. They're also a wonderful way to entertain guests, and can be a beautiful focal point in any backyard or outdoor living area.

So whether you're a sauna enthusiast, a lover of beautiful design, or simply looking for a unique and functional addition to your home, we invite you to explore our collection of Eastern White Cedar Barrel Saunas. With their natural beauty, exceptional quality, and unparalleled comfort, we're confident that you'll fall in love with them just as we have.

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